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2 year old leftie - when is handedness set?

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Sissy79 Wed 26-Jun-19 10:55:27

At what age did your DC show their preference, and it be set? She always uses her left hand and always has, I’m thinking it’s safe to say she probably will be left handed.

The articles all say it is fluent until about 4 but looking for personal experience. Also is there anything I need to buy? Left handed safety scissors obviously for crafts but anything else?

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magicroundabouts Wed 26-Jun-19 11:45:38

I first thought DS1 was left handed when he was 4 months old and it turns out I was right! (He always favoured his left hand when reaching for toys). So my experience is that it can be set from a very young age. I would think that if your DC obviously prefers to use her left hand then it is more than likely that she is left handed.

Apart from scissors, I haven't bought anything in particular for DS. He is still using pencils for writing, but non-smudge pens sound useful for when he is older. This is a good website and there are some interesting articles on the blog and info pages

Middledistancerunner Mon 01-Jul-19 21:32:51

I’m sure you know this but handiness is a spectrum. Myself and my dh are both lefties, him more so than me. I’m almost ambidextrous, he is unable to use his right hand as his lead hand for anything.
I can use normal scissors, eat the right handed way but have to use a left handed potato peeler grin.
So I guess you may have to wait see how lefty your dd is?

Neither of us were taught to hold a pen correctly in our left hands however so we both have a very wonky grip.
I can’t use a fountain pen (not that that comes up often) because I smudge it with my arm. Bic pens have to be brand new or they won’t write for me as I hold them at a funny angle. My dh’s Handwriting looks like a dying spider walking across the page.

Both my children are right handed grin.

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