Clingy toddler..when does it stop

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Aaliah1234 Tue 25-Jun-19 12:40:31

Hi all,

I’ve got a 23 month old who is very clingy. He just wraps around my legs when I’m cooking and I literally cannot do anything whilst he is awake as he would want me to play with him or hold him. It’s difficult for my in laws to understand this as they think it’s because I’m with him all the time and I have brought him up this way. However, I work two days a week and DH takes care of him. He’s good if he is left alone with dad and I’ve had my mum look after him and they all say he’s delightful when I’m not around. But when I am, he’s super clingy. We’ve been going to our local children’s center for activities but he is really clingy there as well and doesn’t participate in any of the acitivies. He would prefer to play with me.

I know I should keep taking him but it’s honestly draining and stressful. I stopped taking him to these sessions a while ago thinking he would grow out of it he hasn’t.

Did you have a child that was really clingy or uninterested in classes for toddlers? Did they grow out of it?

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