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sweetiepie1979 Mon 24-Jun-19 14:31:21

My 7 year old wants to wear make up crop tops she wears my bra in bed all my clothes in fact!
She is so cheeky right now to me a sweet heart outside of the house but to me awful. Like I can never do her hair right nothing is good enough and it's bloody annoying and I'm worn down trying to keep things light. She is so moody and sometimes I lie in bed in the mornings dreading g waking her for school because it's going to kick off!
First I know I have to change that mind set! I know!
Everyday it's an argument about the school uniform or hair of her snack or something!
The back chat is awful , the muttering she totally ignores me sometimes when I speak to her and ask her to do something I have to ask 5 times. I'm shouting all the time.... I've lost all skills in parenting the other night she went mental we ran out of ketchup WTF?
These are all the awful bits she is a warm very creative fairly independent severely dyslexic girl who I can see is trying to find herself but Jesus I'm sitting here dreading picking her up from school. She comes out smiling we hug laugh ask each other if we've had a good day and then 6 mins from school gate she turns in to somebody else...

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 24-Jun-19 17:34:45

could you try giving her choices about certain things? eg: do you want your hair in plaits or a ponytail today? do you want an orange or apple for snack time?

also, do you have a set routine in the morning? some people find it helpful to get one of these stuck up on the wall. you could stick it up, and tell her that if she follows the chart every morning for a week, she will keep her face on this chart smily- and if she does that for a whole week then she gets a reward. if it moves down to the yellow, tell her calmly 'let's think about how we are talking/acting. I'm moving the face to yellow, but don't worry, it can go to green again when we stop and think.'

in terms of the clothes/makeup etc, i would include that in the happy faces system. so 'we don't take mummy's clothes', and move to yellow face. she can get back up by being good. does she have dress up clothes? perhaps you could put a basket of them in her bedroom (you can get some really cheap, eg: butterfly, princess, dragon) and maybe some stick face paint?

all the best x

sweetiepie1979 Mon 24-Jun-19 21:22:45

Ok that's helpful thank you
Routine would definitely help!

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