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Shy 4.5yo. Should I be worried?

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NewMumSept2014 Mon 24-Jun-19 13:42:24

DD is 4- will be 5 in September and about to start P1 next year.
She is currently in preschool from 8am-2pm and goes to nursery 2-4pm afterwards.
Recently, with it being the end of term we’ve had lots of events- ballet recitals, sports days, and preschool graduations (we had 2- one for nursery and one for school).
DD is very outgoing (and hardly ever shuts up) at home and in school mixes well and has a good number of friends, although one particularly close friend. At public functions like this she clams up and is too scared to get involved at all.
Over the weekend she was wandering round the house singling her songs for graduation today over and over and making us all listen but when all the parents were there she couldn’t sing and sat staring at her feet, then ran to me crying and really upset. She’s been the same for other recent events.
Should I be worried about this?
Part of me feels like it’s to be expected- she’s still small and has always been on the shy side with new people/ big groups, but at the same time, at all these events she’s really been the only one who reacts in this way.
I thought about seeing if she wanted to go to speech and drama classes as I read that might help her but at the same time I don’t want to scar the poor thing for life.
Am I over thinking this?!
Watching her so miserable is just awful and I feel like I should try and do something to help.

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pikapikachu Mon 24-Jun-19 15:22:18

You are over reacting. There's a lot of unfamiliar faces staring when you perform and I'm not surprised that some kids would panic. Many adults wouldn't/couldn't perform songs for an audience. Would she allow you to film her singing at home instead?

NewMumSept2014 Mon 24-Jun-19 15:42:33

Thanks. My gut instinct is that it’s really not surprising a 4 year old isn’t comfortable singing to a room of about 50+ unfamiliar adults. It just made me uneasy that at every event it seems to be only her that has an issue with it.

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