What do your kids like to do?!

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Ravingstarfish Sat 22-Jun-19 20:42:11

I used to be a good parent, until my son was about 5 and life got very difficult. He’s 9 now and I feel like I’ve forgotten how to be a good mum. He has autism and other diagnosis’ so not a typical 9 year old.
He likes teddies, small world play, cars. Not sure what age he’s at mentally as I’ve nobody to compare him too, but any ideas on how/what to play with him? And what he might enjoy doing? He’s not at school so we have a lot of time to fill and I don’t want him just sat in front of the tv all day!

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pikapikachu Sun 23-Jun-19 18:31:12

My NT son was heavily into construction toys like Lego at that age. Lego minifigures are very popular with his age group and younger and you can build vehicles and structures that could be used with small world figures. His interest in Lego transferred to an interest in playing Minecraft- lots of figures and sets digitally and in toy form.

Does he like any arts and crafts? Dd was massively into Hama beads and the like .

What about puzzle books? You can get everything from crossword to sudoku aimed at kids. Dd enjoyed a book of dot-to-dot that went up to 100+ dots.

Does he like cooking or baking? Growing stuff?

Are you on FB? There is a local group on there for painted rocks. You paint a rock and leave it somewhere like a park for someone else to find. They post where they found it,

Have you tried geocaching?

crazychemist Tue 25-Jun-19 18:47:24

How is he with crowded/public spaces? With any child that isn’t at school I’d say getting out and about is a sanity saver, but I don’t know your child’s particular circumstances. Is there any chance of him starting at school at some point, or will he always be at home?

Ravingstarfish Tue 25-Jun-19 20:59:29

Thanks both, he loves Minecraft! I’ve applied to 20 schools and all have said no so although I hope he will go to school it’s not looking likely!

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