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Did anyone else see that that awful common horrible shouty woman in Hemel Hempstead today?

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nogoes Wed 25-Jul-07 17:37:30

Well it was me!

I have had the most hideous day with ds. Normally he is such a lovely sweet boy, he can play up sometimes but no more than most, but today he was like a horrible devil child and I had no idea how to handle him. He ran out of Clarks in the middle of having his feet measured and was hiding in Top Shop, I had no idea where he was and was panicing like mad! Then he just kept acting like this awful mad child and chucking himself on the floor and refusing to move, at one point I actually had to sit on him to stop him from running away. I shouted at him and was really embrassed but I didn't know how to control him, everyone was looking at me like I ought to be on the Jeremy Kyle show .

I let him have this awful pink cake in Debenhams which made him all blotchy so I am wondering if his behaviour was a result of additives or something. I feel like a terrible useless mum now and I apologise to anyone who had to witness this today.

stleger Wed 25-Jul-07 17:39:31

I had those days when I had toddlers - I'd love a pink cake.

Pabamella Wed 25-Jul-07 17:39:57

Dont worry we all have days like that, doesnt make you a bad mum, just normal.

And any mum watching (especially the ones giving you 'evils' - theyre just on high horses) will have gone through the same!

MyEye Wed 25-Jul-07 17:55:26

lol esp at hiding in top shop and jeremey kyle

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