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Baby with reflux and dairy allergy still a nightmare at 11 months! Help :(

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TiffanyJwilliams Tue 18-Jun-19 18:53:21

Since my second son was born everything i was expecting him to be turned out to be the opposite. He was unhappy from the moment he was born and would never settle in his moses basket or his pram. I was walking around for hours a day with him in the sling. He also had constant diarrhea and snuffles and a slight milk rash and was just screaming all night (one night he did not sleep a wink). After many doctors visits to see many different people he finally got diagnosed with a suspected dairy allergy and reflux. The rinitdine medicine calmed him down and lot and things improved such as not screaming in the car but from this point until now not much has changed.
He still wont go in the pram, he wants to be on me all the time but he is so heavy in the sling now its breaking me down.
He only naps on me with constant suckling on the breast, he still sleeps in my bed feeding on and off from me and the worst part is he is grumpy all the time, everyday of my life he is just constantly moaning. I feed him to sleep too as it was just the only way to settle him, but 11 months in and my husband can never help and i cant go out and do anything as only i can settle him.
I need help?? What do i do? He seems so clingy and needy from discomfort so i feel reluctant to let him cry it out to try and change routines. Shall i just soldier on like i have been or do i try and change things. I am at such a lose end, i feel so hopeless.

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ElyElyOy Tue 18-Jun-19 20:45:45

I’m sorry you are going through this.

Go back to your Drs and get them to review the medication. Also look at his diet and see if there is anything else that is unsettling him.

My son was like that until we got his allergies and reflux under control.

surreygirl1987 Wed 19-Jun-19 19:40:46

My boy is similar except he sleeps great. We suspect he was reacting to something in my breastmilk that I was eating... but never figured it out so switched to prescription formula. Still not sure if it's made a positive difference as he cut two teeth and had an ear infection immediately afterwards. He's 8 months old and all I can say is I totally get how exhausting it is to look after an unhappy baby!! Does yours grizzle and whinge all the time?

Also I fed him to sleep too until I stopped breastfeeding. And I was amazing that after one night of struggling and having to rock him to sleep he actually coped really well. I started giving him a dummy and a bunny when he went to bed and it's like he forgot he was ever breastfed now! Does yours have a dummy? I hate dummies but I would have gone insane without one over the last few months... it's the only thing that (sometimes) stops my boy from moaning!

Rooberoobe Wed 19-Jun-19 20:49:42

Mine was similar but was sorted out much quicker as I changed to ff because she had multiple allergies until about 12 months and still has some at 2 but on the whole sleep is better now than at 12 months. Assuming you’ve cut all dairy from your diet for at least 6 weeks it maybe worth exploring other allergies. Milk allergy babies often have reactions to soya too. Mine was allergic to eggs and wheat but not gluten and sorbitol which is a sweetener (I think) in medicines like calpol but it’s also in some ranitidine too.

surreygirl1987 Thu 20-Jun-19 23:03:39

@rooberoobe how did you figure out the sorbitol one? I have recently switched to formula (amino acid) as we couldn't figure out what my boy was reacting to despite months of eliminations...! We're currently trialling solids one at a time. It is slow going!

Rooberoobe Fri 21-Jun-19 07:17:33

She had a reaction every time she had calpol but reactions were similar to a suspected illness so difficult to pin point. I found out more by luck as she tried a different kind of anti reflux medicine and I ran out. Tried the ranitidine to tide her over and her skin rash came straight back. I actually ended up giving her no meds for about 4 days and she was better without it than with it.

surreygirl1987 Fri 21-Jun-19 09:16:26

Thanks! My son's symptons are GI so tricky. The Calpol thing is tough - they only get it when they're unwell so of course they will have some sort of discomfort. Thankw for replying smile

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