How do you cope with stress?

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lmj011727 Tue 18-Jun-19 10:33:58

I am a stay at home parent caring for my child with LD. It gets too stressful at times and I'm just curious how the other parents here cope with the situation. It's not like we love our child any less, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. Is it just me?

Share me your methods of coping, please smile

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soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 19-Jun-19 13:40:17

Hi @lmj011727, we're just bumping this thread for you - hopefully some Mumsnetters will be along soon with some advice and support. flowers.

Bluerussian Wed 19-Jun-19 13:50:16

I'm not in your position and you have my sympathy but I have to say I've never coped very well with stress and look forward to seeing what others say.

Bluerussian Wed 19-Jun-19 13:51:03

This is for you btw, wish I could give you real ones:

poodlepantaloons Wed 19-Jun-19 22:53:27

I was just coming on to ask a similar thing- more specifically self regulation when dc is having a meltdown and you're so not in the mood/ had enough/ taken by surprise/ emotionally depleted.
I try to stay calm, remember that I am modelling how to behave.
But it often goes tits up and I end up losing it because I am stressed ( dc dad is an abusive ass and no help)
Self care is so important.
I run. I give myself permission, as an introvert, to have the space that I need. I have a rich internal life and am creative so try to channel that throughout life as a strength and use it to my advantage.

Let things go. I mourned the life and child I should've had. I felt shame at the behaviour and difference in my child and how I had to parent differently to the other mums.
Then I really worked hard at getting over that, and changed my lens.
Take each day on its own merits. Tomorrow is a clean slate. I don't pine for far future stuff and I try to be flexible and appreciate the moment.
I struggle with it being so bloody hard, as a single parent it's just me with this massive emotional workload, on top of the other stuff, keeping the house clean, working to pay bills.

lmj011727 Thu 27-Jun-19 13:05:20

Thank you for the flowers, even if they're virtual! I appreciate all your answers and I am so glad to have joined the community. Indeed, self care is important. We can't extend care if we don't have it for ourselves. I hope you are fighting your battles well too since the dad as you said is no help.

Part of my self care is giving myself personal time, then reflect. I also do physical activities now that can change my daily scenarios. Now I have greens added to my view as I go out and take a walk. Our friends and family are God sent too! So helpful.

Part of going online to communities like this, I also got across podcasts that tackle what we go through and this is my personal favorite: I am still looking for other content so you can also recommend me your fave podcast, or site, or quiz, whatever it is that helps you.

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