Terrible twos

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JustMe9 Mon 17-Jun-19 10:38:42

My boy is 25months smile he knows a lot of single words (we speak two languages...) and can definitely show what he wants/needs. I.e. he will shout 'baby shoes' and get his shoes from the closet if he wants to go outside.. but then if for some reason I say no we are not going outside, he starts his tantrums and screaming. This has hapenned today at 5am - obviously I couldt take him outside at such early hour lol
This baby sing language is a brill idea - where could I learn it and teach it my little boy?

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AladdinMum Mon 17-Jun-19 09:55:44

Around two years old children start building much more complex ideas which they no longer are able to express through gestures (their primary communication tool until 24M old) and if there speech is delayed then it causes a lot of frustration - the 'terrible twos' tends to originate from this. By 3 years old speech normally advances to a level where they can communicate much more effectively.

How old is your DS? is he at least communicating effectively using gestures? showing him some simple baby sign language so that he has a 'basket of signs' that he can use for common actions would help tremendously.

JustMe9 Sun 16-Jun-19 10:31:06

When does terrible twos stage ends??? My little boy was the sweetes and cutest kid on planet but once he turned two he turned into a little monster lol He now screams a lot, has constant tantrums etc. Also he wakes up 4 or 5am every morning. What can I do and how to survive it? It doesnt help that he doesnt talk too much just yet (he is hearing two sometimes three different languages)

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