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Worried about development

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AladdinMum Wed 12-Jun-19 09:44:53

Normally I would say that she would probably need to be checked by a development pediatrician as there is a strong correlation between not pointing by 20M and autism. However, as she was born 9 week early that could be delaying her development - I think she needs to be watched very carefully, and if still not pointing robustly in the next two months or so I would definitely have her seen.

tami1602 Tue 11-Jun-19 10:36:44

She knows it's food even

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tami1602 Tue 11-Jun-19 10:36:17

Sometimes she kind of panicked, she knows it's good because she'll feed me crisp etc but won't put anything in her mouth. She doesn't anyway to be honest even when teething she'll o it ache her dummy or bite a blanket. She never puts things in her mouth. I made some progress yesterday giving her the spoon to feed herself. She communicates well, brings toys to me when she can't do it. Sits me down and passes me bubbles to blow for her etc. She looks when you point but doesn't really point herself.

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AladdinMum Mon 10-Jun-19 17:21:21

It does sound like a few things are a little delayed, however she can very easily catch up very quickly, I wouldn't worry too much about her speech as speech delays are very common at this age. It is a little odd that she is not touching food, as two-year olds tend to touch everything. Is she actively avoiding touching food? or just not interested? (i.e. if you put food in her hand does she panic or not really care?)

In addition, how is she communicating with you to meet her needs and to share interests with you? i.e. is she pointing to what she wants? and pointing things out in the distance that are interesting?

tami1602 Mon 10-Jun-19 13:24:51

Hi was wondering if anyone can help. My little girl is now two years old corrected. She was just over 9 weeks earlie and spent 6 weeks in the neonatal unit.

She has done everything late, I was so scared of her not breathing when she was a baby I didn't force her to do tummy time (as she screamed the place down) and let her do things in her own time. She was late sitting up, going on to solids, walking etc.

She's now two, I can't get her to drink from any other type of cup (and I have bought every single one) she won't eat finger foods, touch food. I still feed her with a spoon myself. It's not because she doesn't know how to do it because sometimes she will and then remember and not touch the spoon. She finds this funny lol

Her speech is delayed and she says around ten words. She only does this by herself though, she won't really copy you just every so often.

The hv doesn't seem to think there is a problem. I know there little things and she could grown out of them but if you put them all together it does start to worry me.

Anyone any advice or advixe on drinking and finger foods

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