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1 year old with pica

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user56712 Fri 07-Jun-19 20:23:04

so my daughter is 19 month old. Never been a good eater was really hard to get her to keep food in when she was weaning. Eventually struggled to get anything into her, never had support around it health visitor just told me foods to give her but she never took them. Since around when she turned one she has been completely uninterested in food, and always eaten anything not edible took chunks out of foam on toys, sponges eats soap, plastic paper anything finally when I told hv this for xth time she said get her tested for anemia which comes from low iron as she doesn’t eat, pica is a condition coming from having low iron so it’s a vicious circle. She had blood tests done few days ago for iron, and waiting to be referred to a pediatrician, just wondering if anyone’s had any expierence or any tips or anything as I’m completely lost and very worried she’ll end up being tube fed or something. She lives off milk.

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jollyohh Wed 12-Jun-19 22:19:57

If she lives off milk, the chances of her being anaemic are high. Calcium and iron compete in the body and young children rat have lots of milk past one year are often anaemic IME

How much milk does she have and what foods does she like?

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