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seperation anxiety:advice, support, tips?

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MaeBee Mon 23-Jul-07 09:35:45

my 9.5 mth old is being really clingy. ive just stopped breastfeeding on demand a few days ago, and we are down to 5 feeds a day. i have to spend a day in hospital on thursday, which will be the longest we have been apart, and im quite anxious about it.
my lo is a few months ahead of the game, he has started walking and has a few words, and im wondering if i expect too much of him emotionally cos of it. hes always been a demanding baby.
i thought i was dealing really well with it all, but my dp has helpfully pointed out that the baby is picking up on my irritability with it. ("you're making everyone's time hell" was what i think he supportively told me! grrrrr)
i try not to leave the room without saying a goodbye, even if im just going to the shower, rather than sneaking off. my ds starts crying if i stand up in the room, crying and clinging onto my legs, so i either have to sit on the floor and play with him or carry him about whilst i indulge in activities like, well, getting dressed, washing up, you know the thing.
how long does this last? is he just getting used to the breastfeeding cutting down? do i go with it or , well, what? my dp and i allegedly are doing 50/50 childcare but are slipping back into our old habits of me doing more cos its easier than having ds upset.
if you havent got answers, just a word of support and not making me feel like im a horrid evil mother for getting narked by it will do!

filchthemildmanneredjanitor Mon 23-Jul-07 09:38:03

this is the classic age for clinginess. seperatiuon anxiety kicks in at about 8 months i think.
it's normal if wearing.
no suggestions really just reassurance that it does get easier.

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