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Bedtime routine for 4 and 2 year old

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Redwood Sun 22-Jul-07 22:34:15

Just wondering about bedtime routine for my two as it was good and peaceful, they bathe together and are starting to argue and fight!! any suggestions or is this the beginning of the end of happy bath times together As my dd is starting school in sept thought it could be time for a change of routine.

KalunaLoveGood Sun 22-Jul-07 22:38:01

still bath them together (it's so much easier) and promise 4 yr old she can play in her room whilst you put the 2 yr old to bed as long as she behaves in the bath and plays nicely and quietly in her room

Redwood Sun 22-Jul-07 22:41:10

KalunaLoveGood, thanks i think its my 2 yr old ds who's the trouble maker! do you do milk before the bath, then teeth and bed?

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