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DD (6 days) will only sleep on her front-... please make me feel better!!

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happypiglet Sun 22-Jul-07 18:19:14

With all the SIDS advice etc both DS1 & 2 slept on their backs as advised. After 4 nights of no sleep at all we finally tried DD on her front (as she could sleep up right on my shoulder but I was getting no sleep!).
She slept really well last night and today waking for feeds as expected etc.
BUT I feel like I am breaking all the rules in the book.
Has any one else had this.....
PS she can already move her head from facing one way to the other and I always make sure her arms etc aren't in the way of her face.

kiskidee Sun 22-Jul-07 18:32:48

it sounds like your baby just needs more comfort. all babies are different and this one sounds like her temperament is different from your last 2. would you consider co-sleeping? i am a big advocate but know that it isn't everyone's thing. if you would consider it, i'll share some links with you.

loolop Sun 22-Jul-07 18:34:18

HP-my DD (5mths) was exactly the same she would never settle on her back and loved sleeping on her tummy - I decided on a compromise of putting her to sleep on her side and she slept really well like that however about a month ago she started to put herself on her tummy and I have let her continue to sleep that way. It's a hard decision to make, I guess some babies are just tummy sleepers!

Scootergrrrl Sun 22-Jul-07 18:35:05

What about putting her slightly on her side with rolled-up towels or blankets under the sheet at either side of her body to make her feel cocooned? My DS alwasy slept better on his front but I didn't as I stared at him the whole time in case he stopped breathing and that's not really the point is it?

boo64 Sun 22-Jul-07 19:01:48

If you are worried about the risk of SIDS would a movement monitor provide reassurance? I know not everyone thinks they are a good idea but we found ours really reassuring.

missyhols Sun 22-Jul-07 19:10:25

My dd has always slept on front or her side. That was how she was comfortable so i left it that way. Personally i don't like the idea of babies sleeping on their back. What if they choke on own vomit? But i'm not about to get in a debate over whats best as i believe whatever suits baby and you or i is best. Dd is now 20 months and will always go to bed and lay straight on her front.

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