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Destructive 6 year old!

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mummyoftwo5 Sat 01-Jun-19 11:43:48


Please help, my wonderful 6 year old daughter has become so destructive at home, she has poured water over my lap top, sharpie on clothes, tomato ketchup all over the toilet, drawing on walls! Some of these things appear to be ideas from YouTube kids show however she is supervised on this and knows right from wrong. She hasn't been allowed to watch this for a while now.

I thought some of it was attention related as she does say sometimes that she feels that her baby sister gets more attention. I have spent the last few days with just her 1-1 so not sure why then she came home and destroyed my laptop!

Is this just a phrase that kids go through? Is it boredom? Is it that she feels she has less attention? She isn't like this at school or other people's homes!

What have other people done it in same situation?

Thank you, this is proving v stressful not being able to trust her!

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SeaToSki Sat 01-Jun-19 12:53:53

What are her consequences when she does something like this?

mummyoftwo5 Sat 01-Jun-19 21:18:10

Not a lot! You have just made me think I probably aren't showing her a lot of consequences for what she does! She has offered to pay for the laptop though hmm😂

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SeaToSki Sun 02-Jun-19 02:12:04

I think a family chat is in order. Rules of how this family behaves and list of consequences if rules are broken. Then stick the lost on the fridge and follow through. Make sure you have a rule or two that you might break once in a while too!

mummyoftwo5 Sun 02-Jun-19 18:20:50

@SeaToSki thank you, that sounds like a good idea. We have written up a few rules today!

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