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Won't put any weight on legs at 10 there something wrong?

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nally Sat 21-Jul-07 10:56:51

dd2 is good at kicking, sitting, rolling and can pull up to all fours without crawling.
if i try to stand her up on my legs though, she just won't put her feet down. if i put her feet down for her, she bends her knees and sits down.

this is different to all other babies i have known. is it something to worry about or is it just th at she isn't ready? anyone else with the same experience???

she is being referred to a paediatrician.

horace Sat 21-Jul-07 11:12:16

I can't see any problem. My DD was like this. I remember the HV telling me that I needed to come back and get her checked out at her check up ( think she was about 10 months at the time). She was fat and happy and didn't walk until quite late - 14 months. I think some babies just don't see the point in walking until later - especially the contented/ lazy ones. But if the appointment will put your mind at rest go for it.

nally Sat 21-Jul-07 11:19:21

It was the HV who said to refer her. I was not worried before that.

I am not expecting her to stand or walk just yet though. Just wondering why she won't put her feet on my lap and just sits instead. She had to have an x-ray a couple of months ago on her hips but the results came back as normal.

I am a cm and therefore have quite a few children come through here in any week. They tend to get things for her and do things for her, so I think she just is enjoying the pampering!

I just wondered if anyone else had the same laid-back kind of baby as I have!!

Thanks horace. Good to hear that your dd was the same and is fine.

Izabella Sat 21-Jul-07 21:39:47

Nally, my heart really goes out to you. I had a scare last month when the HV came around & started to get panicky about DD 10 months not sitting unsupported (that totally freaked me out). The HV's are trained to pick up on stuff but the 'norm' of when they start to do things can vary so much. DD is now nearly 11 mothns, has never pulled herself up in her life and will only stand on her tip toes for 1-2 seconds.

i really hope that the paeds appointment will put your mind at rest. Your DD might be like mine, a late bloomer. She finally decided to sit by herself for 10 whole mins just as I was getting her ready to see the paediatrician!

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