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Tooth brushing

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Serenjoan17 Thu 23-May-19 13:01:24

So I’m having terrible trouble trying to get my 2 year old daughter to brush her teeth resulting in daily battles and tears 😞 I’ve tried all sorts such as having 2 brushes, different brushes (flashing timer ect) game play and letting her brush mine... now the only way I can brush her teeth is pinning her down and forcing her which I hate .. any advice welcome 🙏

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MummyBear2352 Thu 23-May-19 13:25:48

Does she like watching Hey Duggie? Sounds random I know but they do an episode of the 'tooth brushing badge' my boys disliked brushing their teeth but as soon as hey duggie did it they can't get enough! (Hey duggie does a song about keeping them clean, brushing for two minutes and making sure you get every tooth) worth a try?!

Gertruude Sun 26-May-19 12:36:38

We had this same thing with our two LOs.

For our D (3) it was the mint flavour she hated so we switched to the Paw Patrol fruity toothpaste. It was also a bit of a control thing for her so we let her chose a new toothbrush and let her put the toothpaste on the brush herself.

For our S (2) we play a game 'mr toothbrush would like to see what you've been eating' and then we start off naming different foods but then move onto silly things like chairs/footballs/tractors etc which he finds hilarious. We also found out he has lip tie so cleaning his front top teeth is actually really uncomfortable for him & we started being much much more gentle.

Gertruude Sun 26-May-19 12:37:56

Also with our DD we used to tell her she can have a bedtime story if she cleaned her teeth. A few times she refused and had to go to bed without a story & after that she got it and would always chose a story & tooth brushing over none

Sleepinglemon Sun 26-May-19 21:42:00

Have you tried any apps? We were having a hard time with DS brushing his teeth when he was 2 and a friend recommended the Toothsavers app. It looks a bit weird, but you brush along and earn new monsters and DS loved it.

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