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Opening and Closing

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oneoftwo Fri 20-Jul-07 08:43:56

DS(1) 14 months keeps making a beeline for gates to open and close in our local park. For a short while he can be distracted on the swings, slide etc but he will then seek out the gate (he's been walking for quite a while). It results in a tantrum when I take him away from it. He could spend ages opening and closing but obviously it's a concern that he may trap his fingers.

It does seem odd - anyone else experienced this and how did you deal with it? It seems lately our park trips just end in tears from me constantly saying no... And I'm also getting some strange looks!

DaddyJ Fri 20-Jul-07 08:52:53

Our dd is just going through a similar phase,
constantly opening and closing any door or she
can get her hands on.
And she loves the chest of drawers!

Yes, I know what you mean about getting their
fingers trapped. Makes me a little nervous but
I generally just let her get on with it - intervening occasionally!

oneoftwo Sat 21-Jul-07 07:04:49

Thanks DaddyJ. When we are at home I do tend to leave him to it (we have door slammers in place). It's the park gates that are the problem as they are heavy. Guess it's just a phase which could go on for a while.

MrsBigD Sat 21-Jul-07 08:10:07

oneoftwo... it's another of those annoying phases both my kids went through it and ds now 2.9 still loves standing on gates and swinging them

I'm a 'callous' parent though... let him play and if he hurts himself then he'll lern

Desiderata Sat 21-Jul-07 08:24:24

It's a very normal phase of development.

My ds did this for months - not just gates, but any door/drawer that was accessible. He would drag everything out, I would put it back, and he would drag it all out again.

He's now 2.8 and looking back, that has been the most wearisome phase, to date. !

MrsBigD Sat 21-Jul-07 08:30:37

desiderate... my ds is still very wearisome LOL... he now opens gates and then makes a run for it

Desiderata Sat 21-Jul-07 08:33:09

There is that! But I don't mind a bit of running ... it was the bending down and constantly refolding things that got me down.

I just ended up throwing stuff back in the drawers after a while. They're still in a shambles now!

Irritating 2.8 phase ... 'I want milk. No, I want juice. No! No! I don't want juice. I want milk <repeat a hundred times>

MrsBigD Sat 21-Jul-07 08:45:58

yup and when you finally think you've worked out what they want and give it to them they go 'yukkie'

btw given up on folding their clothes as dd (5.5) dresses herself which entails her dragging everything out of her draweres LOL

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