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Poo accidents after a year of being potty trained

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BeeMyBaby Wed 15-May-19 08:51:58

Is it like her normal poo or very runny or like nuggets from constipation?

DarwinLoves Tue 14-May-19 19:34:18

Please help if you can! DD is 4, has been reliably potty trained for probably 18 months.

In the last 4 weeks she's started having accidents, poo only. It's small amounts consistently, 4 times today. Nursery have commented on it and it's really upsetting her.

She says it's very sore to go but I'm not sure where the pain is.

I've made a GP appointment today but it's 2 weeks away.

Any ideas what we can try to help get through this, she's very distressed by it all and I'm continually washing!

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