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LO not drinking milk

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rubyroot Tue 14-May-19 00:00:52

Let her self regulate, likely she’ll eat more eventually and then perhaps less again. 24 oz is about average. Don’t stress. Sounds like she’s getting plenty. Get them to take a multi vit if worried

LaurenSarah22 Sun 12-May-19 20:44:59

She normally has between 28-32oz so I thinks it's a big drop for her. Shes got a cold today but shes been like it for weeks now

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NoKnit Sun 12-May-19 19:26:33

I don't think 20oz a day is that little she is still getting a fair bit. At that age that is all my youngest would have, he hardly ever took more than 4oz a feed and 4/5 feeds a day. It isn't that little and maybe she is teething or under the weather?

LaurenSarah22 Sun 12-May-19 08:05:03

So for the past week my LO is completely off her milk and every feed is a battle with her. Shes 25 weeks old and only having about 20oz a day and that's a push.

We started BLW but shes eating none of that and i cant put it in her food because she doesnt like puree.

I've tried teething gel and calpol before feeds but still no hope. Any ideas ?

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