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2yo boy and 4yo girl fighting ALL THE TIME

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NewMumSept2014 Sat 11-May-19 21:08:07

Hi all, desperately need some advice. I have a 4yo (very girly girl, loves princesses and playing dolls) and a mad 2yo boy who loves wrestling, wrecking everything and stealing his sisters toys.
It’s bedlam. Constantly. They’re usually ok when I’m sat there but if I’m out of the room for 2 seconds, even to throw some dinner in the oven, I’ll come back and one of them will be screaming.
I know the youngest is the cause of the majority of fights because he snatches toys off her (then she screams) or he hits/ pushes/ jumps on her, etc (then she screams). But she also now tends to scream if he even so much as touches her “, and I find it hard not to get annoyed at that too.
I feel like I’m shouting constantly.
I’ve tried being calm and explaining that we are kind to each other and don’t push/ kick/ scratch/ snatch/ whatever in our family.
Literally nothing works.
Advice please!!!

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unbelievable1 Sat 11-May-19 23:05:57

Oh my god! Are you me? I’ve been thinking of posting something similar but about my 20 month old and 4 year old dd. She is getting increasingly frustrated by his non stop going, pulling at her, her things and screams, shouts but also hits out at him! I really want to cut out the hitting but like you am finding nothing is working!

NewMumSept2014 Sun 12-May-19 14:03:36

Glad I’m not alone anyway! 😂

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