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10 month old not sitting up

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Angelical Sat 11-May-19 09:01:25

My 10 month old boy refuses to sit on the floor. When I try to sit him, he pushes with his heels and lands on his back again. He is an unusual baby in his movements. He has never rolled on to his front (he hates it), so no signs of crawling or anything. He seems most content on his back or on his high chair/ jumperoo. He bears weight on his legs, but still wobbles at the knees and pushes randomly in all directions. When I carry him, he will not settle in my arms and twists and turns in EVERY direction, trying to look around.
I know he is delayed and have got the ball rolling with health visitor but just wanted to hear from other parents that have had similar experiences and what the outcome was. Did your babies catch up ok, did they need therapy? I'm particularly worried he might have CP or autism ☹.

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MummyBear2352 Sat 11-May-19 10:53:38

Hi my nephewis two and is in the process of being diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism. He didn't show signs of either until he was 1 or so. He sat up, crawled then refused to walk and doesnt speak. He now has taken a few steps and says a few words. At this age it would be too early to get a diagnosis. Some babies just learn slower than others and turn out fine. Do not Google symptoms you will drive yourself mad! You are doing the right thing by seeking support. Try not to worry and jump to the worst conclusion. xx

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