Prem baby always cries in moses basket at night

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StevenB1 Wed 08-May-19 22:53:49

Hey all, hope you are all well smile

Me and my girlfriend have only had the little one home for 3 days, after he was born 7 weeks early he has been in the hospital in neo natal etc for the past 3 and a bit weeks.

We got him home on the monday afternoon and he slept in mums arms for a good while...on the night time though we tried him in his moses basket and he immediately cried for a good while...we lay him on the bed and he instantly settled and slept...same again the next day etc. He isn't as bad through the day in his moses basket, just always seems to be from about 6/7PM onwards.

He's horrible at keeping wind in and we know this may be causing a problem in his moses basket. We have ordered a Wedgehog to try and help with this.., is there anything else we could do?

Thank you smile

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Mymomsbetterthanyomom Thu 09-May-19 03:14:45

Congratulations on your new baby and bringing him home!It is the best and most difficult time in your lives,especially right after you come home from the hospital. And obviously there's the challenges of the transfer from him used to being in the hospital and now home.
Do the "bicycle exercises" with him.That will help release that trapped gas.
And the moses basket just might not be comfortable and/or he needs to be closer to mom and dad.
But I promise**IT WILL GET EASIER**.

Lara53 Thu 09-May-19 15:39:26

Buy a stretch wrap sling so that you or his mum can wear him and he’s comforted by being close to you while you are hands free and can get stuff done. Sling was a life saver for me. My ds also preferred to sleep slightly raised rather than flat on his back so the wedge may help too

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