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Colette56 Wed 08-May-19 09:26:03

My little boy will turn 2 next month and he's doing this strange thing where he comes up to me usually when I'm sitting down will measure up his forehead to my knee then header it - he must not hurt himself he gets a red mark but tries to keep doing it has anyone else experienced this? I'm guessing it could just be a faze but it's quite strange.

He's not talking yet so maybe could be frustration but it's just at random times - not when he wants something etc

He only does it with me (mum) but he has been climbing all over me and hitting and runs into me but I don't think he's meaning it to hurt I think he thinks it's just playing so we've started putting him down or putting him away from me so he understands he is actually hurting me.

He has also bit me a couple times again on my knee but sometimes he puts his mouth over me knee and then shakes for a second as if he's trying to control himself to not bite me never bit anyone else and only ever done it two maybe 3 times to me

Any advice would be appreciated x

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AladdinMum Wed 08-May-19 11:09:47

It does sound like quirky behaviour but toddlers do quirky things, that is normal. In child development circles that type of behaviour would probably be described as ritualistic behaviour (a form of OCD), where a behaviour serves no purpose but it's part of a routine, for example, I have seen toddlers having to close a door twice before they consider it closed, or they turn their head left when they pass the exact same piece of furniture in their house, or touch the same chair when entering a specific room, or touch their parents feet randomly for no reason, etc, all these behaviours fall into the same bucket. However toddlers love routine and repetition, they thrive with it. It only becomes problematic if these behaviours become rigid, for example will not leave the house (and fight to not leave) until they close each door of the house twice, this indicates other underlying issues. However if a child is developing normally, meeting milestones, etc, they will still do quirky things, they will still spin in circles, walk on their toes, etc, the difference is that they will eventually get bored of them and move to the next best thing and not get infatuated with them.

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