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Blueberry Thu 05-Apr-01 11:46:45

dear Delilah, it's familiar, and I too think you're going to be ok. Mine are now 4+ and 21mths. Periodically, since baby was mobile my daughter has gone way off the rails and committed a spate of nefarious acts, partly for effect partly for revenge, and partly because she really wants to do a big experiment with water/toothpaste/bubble bath/my Shu Uemura cleanser..... Rotten Ralph is her favourite TV character. She also has taught baby to snatch and bite, pinch and scratch, so they can be pretty wearing together. As well as providing safe storage and safe play areas that baby cannot get at so that she sees her needs respected and has some control over special toys I am now much more active in planning little times every day and every week and every holiday when we two do something together, without the lads. She knows I too look forward to those special times and has become adorably affectionate towards baby, and appears to be very proud of him. Of course they still wind each other up but it's not constant mayhem.

Robinw Tue 10-Apr-01 20:52:34

message withdrawn

Jac Fri 18-May-01 17:35:49

Help please! My 2 year old doesn't like my 4 year old very much! Or so it seems. They can play ok together sometimes, but the 4yo is inclined to take stuff away from her sister and the younger then gives the 4 yo a right wack. Ok she's standing up for herself but this is most of the time.

It's also difficult to explain to the older one that the younger one doesn't understand yet. I don't let the 2 yo get away with hitting her sister without telling her off sort of, but we have to look the other way sometimes as it's quite funny. Although I say that quite often all the older one wants to do is cuddle her younger sister but she doesn't want to know and when I'm cuddling the younger she pushes her sister away so she can't have me. I just feel really sad for my elder daughter as I said explaining to her is difficult as I don't really know why her sister doesn't want her near her.

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