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Fussy eating

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Shetookmylastcarrot Mon 06-May-19 00:24:29

3.5 year old used to eat absolutely anything but then variety decreased. Wasn't initially concerned but I feel like I'm constantly doing the same meals again and again. He pretty much only eats:

Breakfast: cereal with milk/toast with peanut butter/jam
Lunch: Ham sandwich, cucumber, cheese and any fruit
Fish fingers, chips/pasta/rice and peas/carrots
Pretty much every day blush

Snacks are usually crackers/fruit/yogurt and he has the occasional treat of cake/chocolate/crisps.

He will on rare occasions, when pushed, eat pork, chicken and noodles

Does this sound 'normal' for his age or is it fussy eating? Also any ideas on how to get him to try new foods would be greatly appreciated!

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