Naughty, whingey, angry behaviour in 3 year old

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chloefisher1 Thu 02-May-19 09:29:19

Hi I hope someone can give me some words of wisdom, or just reassurance from other mums that my 3 year old is normal. It started a little when I was pregnant he started to say 'I don't love you anymore' etc. It seemed he was preparing himself for feeling rejected when baby comes or something. But since I gave birth in October, and my son was 3,in December his behaviour has changed so much. He also started a new nursery in January, which I believe is a better nursery for him, and they said he loves it, and he's always happy to go in, but when he comes home he is a nightmare, constantly doing something to get attention or be naughty, or defiant. He loves his brother (I think) but he can be very rough with him but I'm torn between telling him off or just taking baby from situation because I feel it must be hard for him. I'm so tired a lot of days too , and I don't think that helps. But I'm always on a battle with myself to be more strict, but I also want him to have fun and learn on his own etc., but I feel I'm being inconsistent. I'm coming to the end of my tether I feel like I'm failing him, and that he must be unhappy. I'm also starting to think is he really being cared for at nursery, but I do think this is my paranoia because he seems so happy when I pick him up, and chatty with his teachers etc., but as soon as we're in the car he starts with me. Please some advice, or reassurance it's a normal phase xxx

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