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SJLTM Tue 17-Jul-07 10:35:39

Hi cutting a very long and scary story short,my 3yr old dd3 vanished in the school playground yesterday!! She was returned to me by a young couple who had found her on the other side of a VERY busy road, she was VERY upset, as was I. I have now been and purchased a wrist strap, any comments + or - welcome !!

icklmum Tue 17-Jul-07 11:43:57

hiya, im glad you found her safe and sound.
I think it's a good idea you getting a wrist strap, I have nothing against those or reins at the end of the day it gives you peace of mind that your dc is with you and safe. Especially at that age as they are too young to understand about roads etc.
Personally i had reins for my ds1 as he figured out how to remove the wrist strap! so be warned they can be clever little buggers at times lol

SJLTM Tue 17-Jul-07 12:40:42

Thanks for that,
She is number 5 and I have used reins before.I hardly see anyone with them now, my first three are teenagers and everyone seemed to use them in the good old days !! lol.We went out with the wrist strap today and got a few odd looks, i'm not too bothered as long as she is safe!She just thinks its great fun to run off at the moment, regardless of where she may be. Thanks for the tip on escaping thou !

nearlythere Tue 17-Jul-07 12:46:46

on a purely proffesional point i have seen kids with dislocated shoulders from wrist straps- i prefer reins but its a personal choice as long as they can't run off!

SJLTM Tue 17-Jul-07 13:11:52

I have to admit I am a little cautious as two of my older ones have had a "pulled " elbow. So lets hope she doesn't run too hard or fast !!

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