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Toddler tantrums

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mollysmummy77 Tue 17-Jul-07 08:54:21

Hi everyone,
I am looking for recommendations for toddler taming books. I bought the Baby Whisperer when my dd was first born, and even though I only dip into books for guidance, there's so many out there for toddlers, I'm getting a bit confused about which ones to go for. She's generally quite a well behaved little girl, but we are starting to find that she will tantrum when she doesn't get her own way, or if we try to stop her doing something dangerous.
Any suggestions would be welcome please, as first time parents, we feel quite clueless!
Thank you,

MaeBee Tue 17-Jul-07 09:07:50

when you say you got the babywhisperer, do you mean the first one? there is also a "Secrets of the Babywhisperer for Toddlers" which i now have...i found it in a charity shop for 50p and it was well worth it!
otherwise, try the review section on mumsnet? go to the top and click on reviews and go to "parenting books" .
my 9 mth old has already started throwing toddler tantrums damn him! and im clueless too.

amidaiwish Tue 17-Jul-07 09:09:23

i think Dr Green's one is the best for reasoned approaches - toddler taming

KTNoo Tue 17-Jul-07 12:50:03

I would agree - Toddler Taming by Christopher Green is the only book I have found useful. It's so sensible. All the other books I read just made me feel guilty.

Obviously it depends on your personality and parenting style which book you like but I think this one would appeal to most people.

amidaiwish Tue 17-Jul-07 13:20:57

i also love his pragmatic approach

give calpol if they won't sleep!! ha ha.

mawbroon Tue 17-Jul-07 14:02:54

There's a book called "Making the terrible twos terrific" by John Rosemond which I would thoroughly recommend. Once you get past the americanness of it all, it is all sensible stuff

stepfordwife Tue 17-Jul-07 14:07:43

yep, dr green deffo the one for me. got a very down-to-earth, humorous approach and makes you feel:"yes! i can do this.."
most of all, despite the tantrums, never getting a moment for a goss at the park because you're always following your toddler round, trying to entertain them, don't forget to ENOY them, because they're just so funny, aren't they? (on a good day..)

meandmy Tue 17-Jul-07 14:10:44

when my 13mo dd starts the tantrum no matter where we are i sit her on the floor and tell her when she has finished she can go play she gets the idea my dp hates me doing this as its embarresing but it has worked everytime do it at least 4x week she know that she has got to stop as soon as she sat down also very hard to stamp your feet when sat down.
good luck

legalalien Tue 17-Jul-07 14:26:59

DS went through a two week phase of it when he was about one. I ignored it completely (other than moving himself away from furniture if it looked as if it would do an injury) and it stopped.

He's been showing some signs of frustration in the last couple of weeks, but now that he's a bit older (2,6) I'm trying a more creative response: any time he makes a noise that sounds like the early stages of yelling, I just say "wow, that sounds a lot like an x (e.g. a sheep). I'm going to be a cow. Moo, moo. Which he finds so silly that he stops.

mollysmummy77 Tue 17-Jul-07 14:58:32

Thank you for these. I'm quite new to mumsnetter, so didn't know there was a review section MaeBee! Fantastic!
I had looked at Christopher Greens book first and thought it looked good. I might also try the baby whisperer one, it was the first one i'd bought when dd was born. I'm not going crazy and buying lots though! Does anyone else find that too much information just confuses them!!! If only our LO came with an instruction manual!

ameli Tue 17-Jul-07 20:15:23


will try few of these techniques. Lo 2 and half is becoming impossible, cannot go anywhere without him playing up, im so upset. Feel like such a bad mother.....just does not listen! met up with a friend today and lo was being such a complete nightmare in front of her, feel so embarassed and useless. HELP!

willandnathsmum Tue 21-Aug-07 22:14:59

Totally new to mumsnatter just been on net looking for toddler tantrum tips and came across this web site. Just wounderd if anyone else in the world has a two year old with a really bad attitude? Could really do with some tips thanks rach

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