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Comfort feeding??

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AnaJayBee Mon 29-Apr-19 00:03:59

I'm a first time mum to DS who is 6 weeks today. He was born at 36+3, induced and ventouse FYI, but has been perfectly happy and healthy since birth. He is EBF and again no probs with this/my supply/his latch.
However, over the last 2 weeks, I guess where he's had more awake spells, he can get exceptionally grumpy (even after 20 mins awake, so I don't think he's over tired) either when he's, having play time, in his bouncy chair, when others (and me too actually!!) are holding him etc, just grizzles and cries, and the only way to make him quiet and happy is to pop a boob in his mouth. Sometimes he'll feed for a bit (even if he's just fed!), others he'll just crash straight out with the boob in his mouth. He used to settle in his carry cot of an evening and we'd have dinner while he slept, but now refuses to nap in it and as soon as a try and put him down while I eat, even in his bouncy chair, and even if he's just had a huge big feed, he won't settle, so I have to feed him while I eat (not ideal) and more often than not he'll fall straight asleep on my boob, but woe betide me if I try and sneak him into the carry cot, he'll last a minute max, then stir and realise what I've done and kick right off!!
Often the only way to get stuff done in the day is to bang him in the sling as he seems to not want to be put down for naps either.
I recently tried him with a dummy which appeared to be life changing and worked brilliantly, however even after 2 day of practice with the dummy he's getting nipple confusion and often now headbutts furiously at my nipple sometimes looking for something bigger and harder and whipping himself into a frustrated frenzy, so I don't want to keep on with the dummy if it's going to affect BF!!
Fyi we've had 2 sessions with a cranial osteopath because of his birth, not cause he had any specific issues, so it's hard to tell if that's done anything. He does have some lovely interactive jolly awake times too I should point out, but plenty of grumpy times which will only be fixed with boobies!!
Any advice gratefully received!!!
Thank you xx

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VaselineOnToast Mon 29-Apr-19 14:03:41

This is very common at this stage.

If your baby is feeding frequently but also producing plenty of wet and dirty nappies, it is likely to just be cluster feeding, which is completely normal and helps to establish your milk supply. It's also a tremendous comfort to them, so will often settle any grizzles and send them to sleep.

It's also normal for newborns to not want to be put down at all. Look up 'the fourth trimester' - basically, babies make a gradual transition from the warm cosiness of the womb to the outside world and feel safest and most comfortable in close contact with a caregiver.

It's effing hard though, isn't it?? After the baby has been fed, try to involve one or two other people in caring for him, in order to spread the load, if you feel comfortable. Hang in there!

AnaJayBee Mon 29-Apr-19 18:18:07

Thank you @Vaselineontoast for the reassurance! xx It's frustrating how all the safe sleep advice goes against what feels natural and what, to some extent, is natural. Baby monkeys don't sleep alone on their backs do they (I don't know actually, do they??)
So it's sit tight and wait for the magic 3-month mark again is it. Thank you again!

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