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Toddler biting nails

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Biancadelrioisback Sun 28-Apr-19 08:20:09

How do I stop my toddler biting his nails?
We always take his hands out his mouth and tell him to stop when he's with us, but we both work full time so he spends time at nursery and at the GPs house. I know nursery probably can't help us here too much with 20 odd kids to look after, the GPs try to stop him, but I think he does this is bed too. So when he goes down at night or when he goes down for a nap or wakes up...maybe even in the car?
Neither DH, the GPs or I are nail biters so no idea where he's picked this up!

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Biancadelrioisback Sun 28-Apr-19 09:27:28

Sorry, he's 2.5

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