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DD swam unaided today :)

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Hulababy Mon 16-Jul-07 17:12:09

Yeah! She was so pleased with herself.

DD has had about 8 swimming lessons so far. And she did some swimming uniaded, yeah! She managed about 4-5m on her back, without a float, on Friday at swimming lesson, and about 1-2m on her front.

Took her swimming at the gym today and she managed to do quite away on her back, and at least 5m on her front. She was so pleased with herself. She was a little unsure at first as she can't reach the bottom of the pool at the gym, but once she managed it the first time she was after doing it again and again.

She was so pleased with herself! Very proud of my girl

Will be fab this holidays. She now has gym membership so we can go to the pool 2-3 times a week, and we go on holiday for 2 weeks soon and have a pool at the villa, so she can practise every day.

So, just allowing myself a proud mummy moment if that is okay.

Whimsy Mon 16-Jul-07 17:14:19

Well done your DD

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 16-Jul-07 17:14:33

aww that's fab - I can remember this time last summer when ds finally swam on his own - he was so happy -and I was so proud as he'd been so determined to conquer his fears !

Nemo2007 Mon 16-Jul-07 17:25:37

Aww congrates to mini hula, we had this with DS a few weeks ago and now there is no stopping him, he has his 5m and 10m certificates now. Swim instructor officially deflated his armbands on saturday.

Hulababy Mon 16-Jul-07 17:58:22

Ah, thanks all

HonoriaGlossop Mon 16-Jul-07 18:07:06

How exciting! Well done to Hulagirl

Ds is at a similar stage, and it's lovely to see them make progress isn't it. She has good timing - hope she makes the most of that pool on holiday

oops couldn't stop that bit of envy just sneaking in. Have a lovely holiday, I mean it

MrsWeasley Mon 16-Jul-07 18:07:54

well done to her.

Hulababy Tue 17-Jul-07 19:50:54

Thanks all, again Back swimming again tomorrow. DD can't get enough of it! LOL.

PotatoOfDoom Tue 17-Jul-07 19:55:18

I remember the original Hulababy picture and now she's grown up enough to swim.

Congratulations Proud Mummy and Congratulations Hulagirl

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