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Hopehope20 Thu 25-Apr-19 20:34:02

Oh my god...anyone else going through leap 5 or has come out the other side?!

My boy now only naps for 20 minutes at a time ( was a couple of hours) whines all day...and I mean all day. He is incredibly difficult to bottle feed....he twists his whole body and does sits up the whole time. He is manic when awake and fights sleep like there's no tomorrow (used to go to bed at 6 without fail)...last night he didn't go down until 9.

This all happened day he was fine...then the next all this. I checked the app and it's bang on leap 5.

Would love to hear anyone else's experiences. It says there are 21 days left....where's the wine...

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SausageAndEgg Thu 25-Apr-19 20:44:32

You have my sympathies. Absolutely horrific isn’t it? It’s like they’re possessed. You can’t imagine a reason in the world they would act as though you’re trying to kill them because you’re truing to cuddle or feed them... but there they are. Acting like they’re being murdered!

Alas, nay hugs. Just more thrashing and kicking in the stomachs for us.

But... it ends!
Have some wine.

LaurenSarah22 Fri 26-Apr-19 07:10:36

Yep I've got 24 days left. My LO used to nap so well now they are only 30 minutes at a time. And she normally sleeps 7.30pm till 6.30am without waking once but last night she was tossing and turning and wining until around 1.30am !! I'm shattered. Shes in her own room too which means I actually have to get out of bed to sort her out. I've had to give her her dummy back at night otherwise she just wont settle which I'm gutted about ! Her feeds haven't been affect yet but I'm waiting for it !!

Hopehope20 Fri 26-Apr-19 07:57:01

Yes mine normally sleeps 6 -7. Last night he was whining and screeching from about 4......I can't drink caffeine either so I am basically a zombie!

Glad I'm not alone though ladies! I never want to wish away the days with my boy....but this phase can certainly hurry along!

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