15 months old not weight bearing

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Dante25 Wed 24-Apr-19 08:02:35


My little one has just turned 15 months and is still not weight bearing at all. When you place her on her feet she lifts them to the air. She started crawling at 9 months and will bring herself up to her knees but won't put any weight on her feet at all. Should I be worried or any advice on how to encourage her would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Hopehope20 Fri 26-Apr-19 15:49:58

Have you tried her in a jumperoo at all? No experience of this but I wonder if that might help get her used to weight bearing?

deste Sat 27-Apr-19 21:22:04

I’m following your thread because we have an 8 month who is the same, brings her feet up when you try to stand her up. She is trying to roll so nowhere near crawling and just flounders on her tummy. She can sit but still needs supported.

fudesina Sun 28-Apr-19 02:46:34

Have you spoken to the health visitor and did she have her 8-11 month check? At 15 months she should be pulling to stand. I would get in touch or see the GP.

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