3 year old driving me crazy at bedtime!

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lyssie29 Fri 19-Apr-19 20:08:27

Help! My 3 year is a nightmare at bedtime. She constantly gets back out of bed. She wanders the house. She goes in her sisters room and plays with toys. Tonight she's gone and got a pen from her sisters room and drawn all over her drawers. I tell her off and tell her not to do it and she smiles at me. I take treats away and she doesn't care. She's not interested in stickers or rewards she just keeps on doing it. What can I do? A baby gate doesn't work as she's a good climber and can easily climb over.

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7raina Sat 20-Apr-19 21:20:18

Oh dear. I stuck with routine that helped I had terrible 7-9 months, broken nights tantrums but I established routine and stuck with it and touch wood for last 4 months We have had only handful of broke nights.
Make sure she has some sort of physical activity during the day, I would giv my daughter winding down time 20 mins prior to bed.
Just stick with routine. If I look back I don't knw how I managed with so little sleep ( had new born too)
Good luck xxx

TigerQuoll Sun 21-Apr-19 00:02:25

You could put a motion sensitive light outside her room and/or a baby monitor so you have a chance of waking up when she does that and you can quickly get up and take her back to bed.

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