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7MO cries at family randomly

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HanSpan1 Fri 19-Apr-19 08:38:00

Hi all,
My 7MO daughter, for the last month or so has been crying uncontrollably at family members randomly.
Prime example...
Last night my sister popped round to drop an easter present off and my LO was having a bath, my sister has seen her dozens of time and plays with her and cuddles her etc.
My sister walks into bathroom and my LO locks on to her, stares for 5 seconds, then the bottom lip goes, and she bursts into tears, like propper crying, and only stops when she goes out the bathroom.

This has happened before, a month ago, my DM popped round, and my DH was holding the LO, she walks through the front door and stares for 5 seconds, and boom it happens again, which got my Mum all upset thinking it was her...

It seems random, she has done this to strangers aswell as friends, but family???? People she has seen every week since she has been born??

We could be having a family sunday roast, and she will pick one person, who she cant stand the sight off and we dont know what it is...

Anyone had this before?


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Lazypuppy Sat 20-Apr-19 18:55:57

My dd still does this at 15 months old

countrymousesussex Sat 20-Apr-19 19:11:48

No help, but my 5 month old does this to my dad sometimes - who lives next door and sees her every day. She used to be so sociable and now every social event is a nightmare as everyone wants cuddles but she detests it 😩

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