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Baby's sickness bug cause personality transplant!

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Florence693 Thu 18-Apr-19 08:59:28

I'm a first time mum to an 8 month old girl. She has been the most pleasant baby I could wish for. Hardly a cry from her, very happy playing on her own, loved bath time etc. Many other people had commented on how calm and happy she was.
She (and I) had the sickness bug 7 days ago and while she is no longer being sick she is crying/whinging every waking minute. I have to carry her everywhere just for some peace. I'm not exaggerating on this - I cannot put her down for a second without her screaming.
I have been to the doctors and they have said she is just getting over the bug. They have told me to stop her milk as she has developed an intolerance to it. I have added more solid food to her diet so I don't think she is hungry or thirsty.
I'm just concerned I'll never get my baby back! Was hoping to hear some stories of anyone who has been through this. Even if this is the new normal I'd rather know

This is my first post on here as I simply don't know what to do.

Thank you

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Loubyloulou88 Fri 19-Apr-19 04:10:34

Could she possobly be teething too, causing her to be more clingy? sorry I haven't got any advice, but just wondering if there's maybe something else bothering her?

tappitytaptap Fri 19-Apr-19 09:51:03

I'd have said teething too, or still feeling a bit under the weather. Does she have any other symptoms? These clingy phases seem to come and go with babies I've found!

HeyJupiter Fri 19-Apr-19 10:21:54

It might be a phase and just a coincidence that came along at same time as sickness bug. I’m positive it will improve. My sons ‘temperament’ seems to change all the time - it’s so hard at this age to know what’s personality/development/physical/emotional etc.

Florence693 Sun 21-Apr-19 20:17:43

Thank you for your posts. I do think she is now teething. It's helped me to cater for that.

Thanks again...She seems on the up

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smellsofelderberries Mon 22-Apr-19 20:53:27

8 months could be the start of separation anxiety too!

Shootingstar1115 Tue 23-Apr-19 21:36:40

She’s probably not feeling quite herself after the bug. After I caught the dreaded bug from my D.C. I took me a good week or two to get completely back to normal!

They also go through quite a few little phases. I’m sure it will be short lived! DD is ridiculously clingy at the minute.

She could also be teething or growing through a growth spurt?

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