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Frustration/hitting out towards daddy

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Newbparent Tue 16-Apr-19 20:15:07

Hi all,

First time dad here. Have an 11month old girl, brilliant relationship with her except a recent problem! Just wondered if anyone experienced this.

For the last couple months occasionally.. Maybe once or twice a week she will show frustration towards me then scratch my face or grab my nose. I won't say aggression as she's 11 months old!

I've tried my hardest to figure out why it is but I can't! She will tense up squeeze her fists bite her teeth (imagine an extreme stress for a couple seconds) then turns to me and either scratches my face or grabs nose. Today's was the worse as she grabbed my nose and wouldn't let go for about 20 seconds while screaming, she then just turned back and carried on to play with her toy!

I'm sure it's pain (currently teething) I gave her some gel keys after and she bit them.for ages after. So I think I understand the cause but I don't understand why she goes for me. Today I was sat next to her just talking to her while playing and she then did the nose thing with no warning.

She never does this to mummy although will do the pain and tense thing then but just squeeze her fists and carries on, but when it happens on me it's different.

Currently I just say nicely and make her do it again after and she strokes gently then I praise her. But still happens, I'm not a rough play daddy and I'm currently on mat leave and have her 3 days on my own rest is family time!


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