2 year old asks me to kiss his penis

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Woodlandmum Tue 16-Apr-19 02:37:37

Hi there, my 2 year old has spontaneously said ‘mummy kiss my penis....’ I have explained to him that people clean it for him but no one should kiss it and that it’s a part of him ‘just for him’ to touch. Is this normal to come out of the blue like this? Can’t help wondering if someone has kissed it though...Not sure if/ how to question him. He is cared for at home mostly by me and once a week by his grandmother and one other day by a nanny.

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MumUnderTheMoon Tue 16-Apr-19 08:04:31

Don't question him. You have no idea how the things you say will impact on his answers. You could accidentally ask leading question it is very easy to confuse a 2 year old. I would ring the nspcc for advice.

Woodlandmum Tue 16-Apr-19 08:30:24

Ok thanks for the advice MumUnderTheMoon. I’m hoping it’s just because I kiss other parts of him eg when he hurts his kneee etc and he just needs to learn the difference. Good idea about the nspcc

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