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Baby development

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bluees Tue 16-Apr-19 19:55:19

Thanks all for lovely comments and experiences.

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ConfusionIsNothingNew Tue 16-Apr-19 15:31:11

I wouldn't expect a 7 month old to be crawling tbh. My dd is 6.5 months and is only just sitting up unaided. My DS didn't crawl until about 9 months so I'm not worried.

MonkeyToucher Tue 16-Apr-19 12:25:05

My DS didn’t crawl until his first birthday. He walked at 15 months. But he was talking very early - it was strange to me having a baby that couldn’t crawl but could ask for more cake!

I don’t think it has anything necessarily to do with sex, they are all just different!

bluees Sun 14-Apr-19 22:41:18


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AladdinMum Sun 14-Apr-19 10:09:02

That's just a saying, baby's are not lazy. On average boys tend to concentrate on gross motor skills earlier than girls so tend to crawl/walk/jump earlier while girls tend to concentrate on communication skills earlier so tend to point, show, talk earlier. There are exceptions to the rule but on average this is how it tends to work.

bluees Sun 14-Apr-19 08:56:33

Hi. I know all babies grow at different pace so no comparison but just wanted to share my baby bog is 7 months and has not started crawling. While my daughter who is 7 years was crawling, pushing, gliding even started walking at 11 months. My sis says boys are lazy ☝🏼😏. How true is this?

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