22 month old son bedwetting because playing with penis

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Jandg Sun 14-Apr-19 07:42:53

Help! So tired of changing wet sheets when son plays with penis so it's sticking up or out of side of nappy as going to sleep/waking up. He doesn't really do.it during the day when he's awake. Been happening for about 7 months now and he's about 22 months old.

1. Saying no and moving his hand away- fine for nap times but can't sit beside him as he goes to sleep at night
2. Self soothing with other things, soft toys, thumb sucking etc. He still wants his willy though!
3. Onesies and sleep bags. But he's worked out how to unpop the poppers on legs of Onesies (even when doubled up) and unpop poppers on shoulders of sleep bag and wriggle out. Plus this won't work in summer- he'll be way too hot with all these layers!
4. Different nappies. Tried different sizes(4, 4+, 5)/styles( disposables from tesco, lidl and Co op, nappy pants/normal nappies)/doubling up a smaller size nappy with a larger nappy over the top. But he still manages to get his hand in there!
5. Ignoring it assuming he'll get tired of it- but 7 months of wet clothes/sheets and waking up in early hours of morning no longer feels sustainable.
6. Making sure he has books/toys in cot if he's not really sleepy so he has something to occupy himself with rather than reverting to playing with his penis.

Any suggestions appreciated! (especially if you've found a nappy that kids can't get hands into but is still large enough/absorbent enough for night time). My son is average height, quite slender but with a big belly, if that helps for nappy fit recommendations.
He's also only got a couple of words so I think he's quite far off potty training/being able to explain to him that the reason he's wet and uncomfortable is because he plays with himself!

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dementedpixie Sun 14-Apr-19 08:48:54

Maybe try a sleeping bag that zips down the front rather than one with shoulder poppers

TigerQuoll Sun 14-Apr-19 21:59:49

Put his onesie on backwards so he can't reach can't buttons or zips.

TigerQuoll Sun 14-Apr-19 22:00:09


Hohofortherobbers Tue 16-Apr-19 21:34:47

Grobag with a front zip, safety pin the zip closed at the bottom with a click safe nappy pin.

Firsttimer16 Thu 09-May-19 17:48:16

Following because we have exactly the same issue! I've tried everything ...but nothing worked! I would say 8/10 mornings he has wet himself and his sheets - so much washing!

MummyBear2352 Fri 10-May-19 07:56:16

Hi, my son did this for a few months thankfully it's stopped...for now.

I saw somebody recommend putting a nappy on backwards? I never tried it but maybe worth a go but sounds like your son will work his way around that too.

I used onsies with a zip, he couldn't get in them. But to be fair he just kinda stopped, I guess it broke the habit he's now in normal pjs.

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