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2 year old speech delay

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April45 Sun 14-Apr-19 20:00:34

It definitely well, DS exactly the same, understanding is top notch but not expressive side. I googled loads and what I pit above is the general consensus of them all.

firsttimemom15 Sun 14-Apr-19 13:45:20

@April45 thank you for your reply.
I will try out all of those ideas.
I'm googling and trying everything to help his speech come along.
@AladdinMum Thank you, I've seen online that those chatterbox sessions are supposed to be good. So I'm liking to take him to one Thursday and hope it helps him. His vocabulary is at about 20 words and he can 100% understand everything that I ask him to do, it's just his speech isn't quite there yet. Hopefully after a few weeks of trying out all these ideas his speech will improve! Fingers crossed smile

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April45 Sun 14-Apr-19 06:32:50

It's quite typical for boys, my DS is definitely amazing at motor and slower at speech. I've looked into it, here's is what I've found
- name things for him rather than within sentences
. When he takes you do it say the word then something like would you like to play with the X.
- Once he's mastered one word going onto two words in same way.
- read books, reduce you book collection to about 10 and read them over and over, particularly the simple ones like dear zoo.
- sing the same few nursery rhymes and miss the odd word.
- repeat words back to him that he's saying to reinforce.
- blow bubbles, suck through straws helps the it mouth develop more too.

There's not much around from what I could see on ideas, but this is what I've gathered. Since doing it DS is really coming on and we're now at 2 words.

AladdinMum Fri 12-Apr-19 21:25:45

Yes, he does sound a little speech delayed, the typical two year old would have over 100 words and string a few two word sentences together. Speech delays are very common at this age and tend to resolve by themselves. Local playgroups also tend to offer free chatterbox session that involve play based speech therapy.

firsttimemom15 Fri 12-Apr-19 19:55:40

My son has just turned two & has had his two year assessment.
Going into the appointment I was very confident that my son was very advanced for his age.
It wasn't until after the HV left when I began to become worried.
She told me that my son is experiencing speech delay because he can't string sentences together. He can say about 20 words & he has clear understanding when I ask him to do things, such as "get your shoes" or "bedtime or bathtime" he can follow simple instructions very well.
The HV has told me that my son is very advanced when it comes to his motor skills & she could clearly see how he was trying to communicate to me, but he just struggles verbally communicating. When he wants something He will take me to what he wants, or he will point to what he wants and will say "mum or dad".
I'm just a little concerned now since she said he has speech delay, she didn't give me any tips on how to help him she only said she will post me some information. It's a little scary speaking through google.
If anyone has any tips or info I would really appreciate it.

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