From lying to sitting.

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1sttimeDD Thu 11-Apr-19 10:10:48

Hi all,

Not really a worry, more a general wondering!

My DD has just turned 9 months (born at 39+5) and I can see her developing at what I believe is the expected rate (crossing the midline, fine motor, sitting unaided, experimenting with crawling etc) however I wanted to gauge people's experiences of babies transitioning from lying down to sitting up independently.

Currently, DD will sit where we place her, move herself around via "bum shuffle" and sit back down again. However, occasionally she will over balance and end up lying on the floor. She is then unable to sit herself back up and ends up setting for rolling over on to her front.

In your experience, at what age did your child begin transitioning from lying to sitting independently?


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Shelley54 Thu 11-Apr-19 10:42:10

My nearly 11m old is crawling, pulling to standing, and cruising, but he can’t go from lying to sitting yet. I can’t remember when DS1 could.

Haz1516 Fri 12-Apr-19 07:38:00

Just before he started crawling, so around 8.5 months. But it sounds like they're doing everything on track like you said, so they'll get there.

1sttimeDD Fri 12-Apr-19 11:09:25

Thank you for the replies! Guess we'll carry on playing the waiting game! smile

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crazychemist Fri 12-Apr-19 11:38:01

Mine was 10 months. She did lots of things in a slightly weird order though. She only crawled for 2 weeks, and not very well at all. She’s a totally fine 2yo now. Sometimes they focus a lot on a developing skill and completely neglect others, then obsess on that one!

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