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Moving house with a 10month old, any tips?

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magicfairy Fri 13-Jul-07 13:10:05

we are moving next weekend, well we are moving out of this house next weekend, not sure of moving in date?!? Anxious, me, no never!!!!! Anyway wondering how best do this with a very adventureous 10 month old, any tips anyone? He can go to both nanny and granny for 1 day each, although he is suffering a bit of separation anxiety at the moment aswell. He loves exploring in the new house and has so far dealt well with new sitiations, holidays etc.
The most annoying thing is he is finally sleeping through and i am worried that this will send him back to hourly wakings!! I am prepared for this, but if anyone has any tips on minimising stress (DS's mostly, i think mine is un-minimisable!!) they would be gratefully recieved

Rantmum Fri 13-Jul-07 13:25:23

We moved when ds was 9 mths and starting to walk. We had to live in one room of the new house whilst renovations were going on in the rest of it. It was seriously stressful, but I just tried to stay as calm as possible, because I found that ds took his cues from me. If I was wound up, he got wound up. Ds actually settled into the new environment faster than dh and I did! Children are really adaptable, just make sure you keep his favourite toys/books and music available throughout the move and he should be fine!

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