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Aibu ds 10 behaviour

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Happygolucky009 Sun 07-Apr-19 11:39:21

Ds 10 no sen this morning was asked to wipe sticky surface in kitchen, which he had left. I wasn't happy and when I checked sticky substance was now on the floor, so I explained he hadn't done it and needed to remove it off the floor. So he argued with me said he had done it, it ended me with me demonstrating how to wring out a dishcloth after he picked up the soaking dishcloth and dragged it by two fingers across the kitchen floor, thus inflaming the situation further. He went onto to curse accusing me of "frickin" lying as he claims he had cleaned it up the first time and called me an "idiot".

I am livid so have come to the park with ds2. I have removed his electronic devices as a punishment, but we had planned a special afternoon for mothers day, us it reasonable to leave him with his dad while we go out?

I can't help but feel angry as last week he made zero effort re mothers day and this is seems to emphasise the lack of respect both towards his home and towards me!

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