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4 year old misbehaving??

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Charlottehb1992 Thu 04-Apr-19 18:36:36

My son is 4 (5 next month) and he is currently so misbehaved. He doesn’t listen to me and will intentionally do what I have just told him not to do to get a reaction, hits & throws things when been told off, says rude words (shut up, idiot etc) name calls his friends at school. He was so well behaved up until September last year when we had a lot happen - we lost a cat (which he still cries over now), I was taken into hospital for 2 weeks and he had to stay with my parents for that time, his baby brother was born 10 weeks early and he saw him in hospital for the next 8 weeks. He also started reception the day I was taken into hospital. I understand all of this could be the answer as to why he is misbehaving so badly as that’s a lot for a 4 year old to go through but when I try to sit down and ask him what’s upsetting him he doesn’t tell me. We have a reward chart but nothing seems to be working. I’m worried he will start to be called naughty at school and loose friends etc. Any advice welcome please ☹️

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Eminybob Fri 05-Apr-19 12:26:55

I don’t have any advice I’m afraid, but I’m in the same boat with my 4 year old. He’s so misbehaved at school, he hurts other children and is losing friends. I also had a baby at the beginning of reception so feel that jealousy may be part of it.
He had a good couple of months but was ill last week which seems to have set him back again.
I hope someone comes along soon who can offer us both some advice.

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