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How do you keep your temper when dealing with toddlers

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Moralitym1n1 Wed 03-Apr-19 10:26:06

How do you keep your temper when dealing with the worse parts of looking after a toddler e.g. tantrums, sustained crying (you presume due to teething or sore ears) but extremely resistant to any attempt to give killers (via syringe or drink), becomes hysterical if you keep trying etc etc.

Mine is not a good sleeper so I suffer sleep deprivation irritability, and I get PMS too. I sometimes find myself losing my temper, I shouted at them recently and pushed her away roughly this morning when she started thrashing and arching when I was trying to give her Calpol. I don't want to act like this.

Any approaches/tactics?

I don't want to get involved with health visitors etc. - I find them useless and I don't want tagged as a 'problem' forever more.

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Moralitym1n1 Wed 03-Apr-19 10:26:42

* painkillers, not killersshockgrin

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