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Is my 6 year olds behaviour normal?

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Jmamp Tue 26-Mar-19 09:32:54

I think my DD school what her to be disagnosed with ADHD. I do not agree as my son was like this at her age and is fine as a teenager. If she was diagnosed I wouldn't go down a medicated route anyway. At school she is not achieving her full potential, but when she started at 5 she could not hold a pencil and now she can read, write and good at maths, but not same level as some in the class - to me they all learn at different rates as she isn't the bottom if you can have a bottom at that age. She has to have a chart at school for following the instructions and listening and this works for her. She can be defiant with the teachers and sometimes says no when asked to do things and will not back down. SHe has lots of friends and can play with them. She is loud and boisterous.
At home she can entertain herself with her toys, we can go to the park and she can interact with other children and play with them - not to say they don;t argue!
She is really shy with people which makes her behaviour look worse than it is but it can be a kneejerk reaction to unknown situations and she doesn't like to be the centre of attention.
She sleeps for 10-12 hours a night no problem and can be read a story and she will stay in her bed and settle herself we have no sleeping problems.
I'm guessing I am just looking for a bit of reassurance that she is just a normal 6 year old pushing the boundaries and they all learn at different levels jsut like her brother did.

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Helix1244 Tue 26-Mar-19 20:53:38

Seems similar to my dc. I wouldnt have thought it was usual for a 6yo to need a behaviour chart at school.
I find in many ways it is worse at school because at home you may know they have just run around fir hours or had a really bad nights sleep or cough etc.
Eg i know mine hasnt slept their usual for over a week and they had an awful swimming lesson told off defiant etc. And were fine monday but now today naughty at school. We try for 11h sleep. But only had 10.5 this week.
Mine has always been impulsive and gets up to stuff if left 'alone'. They will use the hose thought they know they are not allowed, empty out the drawers and put all the clothes on boxes, took all the money out of money boxes. Mainly though things like never getting off the loo, struggles with doing next step to get dressed.
Even if you dont medicate, might the diagnosis help with explaining things to school, if say it was adhd with odd might they try to phrase requests differently?

Jmamp Tue 26-Mar-19 21:07:04

The behaviour chart seems quite common in the school as a few have it in different years and some in her class. Do yours have ADHD?
I don't think she has as she is the same as her brother was and he is a teenager now and no issues at all. I just find everywhere wants to label everything nowadays instead of letting kids be kids.

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