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Strange problem re bed eating

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sannie Tue 10-Jul-07 19:42:01

Hi There,

Does anyone else's child eat their bed???

For the last few months or so my son has been slowly eating his cot!! I have to hoover out his cot at least twice a day to cope with all of the wood splinters (first thing in the morning and after his nap). He's working on about 4 or 5 seperate places especially at the side which is developing a large dent.

Fortunately, there's no varnish or paint on the cot so I'm not worried about poisening. I don't think it's anything to do with his teeth coming through - he just seems to enjoy doing it...

Have any of you experienced the same thing with your kids??

MrsSlowLearner Tue 10-Jul-07 21:01:17

How old is your ds?
Can you take the cot sides off?

newlifenewname Tue 10-Jul-07 21:02:19

Does the cot not have those plastic covers to prevent this? And, yes, how old?

whokilledharrypotter Tue 10-Jul-07 21:03:19

Does the cot not have a teething rail?

That's a bit worrying because he could get splinters in his mouth.

Have you seen the dentist? Personally I'd be very tempted to introduce something he could safely chew like a teething toy TBH. Rather that than raise a beaver!

MrsSlowLearner Tue 10-Jul-07 21:06:13

lol @ raise a beaver

sannie Thu 12-Jul-07 11:06:25

Ooops, he's 15 months old.

This is the first I have heard about cot teething rails which look fantastic!!!


Washersaurus Thu 12-Jul-07 11:18:47

My DS completely ignored the cot teething rails at the sides and chewed the bed end instead! He didn't get any actual bites though, so no splinter worries - he just left lots of little teeth marks in the wood .

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