8 month old development worries!

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Haz1516 Wed 20-Mar-19 20:15:41

Just to say, my 9 month old also does the weird aeroplane arm thing while eating (although come to think of it, not so much recently). I thought he just liked stretching out. He does quite a few weird hand/arm things while eating actually. I think he's just exploring his limbs and his hand control.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 20-Mar-19 19:44:43

If he's moving that's really good. If he's not babbling, and a lot aren't at this age, have you tried signing with him?

If your HV has seen him and is happy, I'd try to relax for now and just do the signing. You could always get his hearing checked, just to rule out hearing loss smile

Alice05 Wed 20-Mar-19 10:04:27

my lb is just over 8 months and has been on the move for about 4 weeks now. He’s really preoccupied with the crawling and wants to explore everything which is great but My concerns are that he doesn’t seem to respond to his name at all, I get very little eye contact and he still isn’t babbling.... the only noise he makes all day is ‘mmmmm’. I’ve also noticed that when he is in his high chair he sometimes stretches his arms out like an airplane and throws his head back. When we are out in public it’s a nightmare feeding him as he just looks around for distractions or wants to get out. He was diagnosed with silent reflux though at 4 months so am wondering if this has something to do with that? I have spoken to health visitor who has watched all of this and she wasn’t overly worried but it’s still bothering me a bit sad am I being silly!?

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